The AOSK – Chemchemi ya uzima - Formation course has been in existence since 1972 and has been mandated to provide skills, preparation, formation and the space to all members. This program is committed to provide spiritual formation, takes formators through their self-formation challenges while upholding the holistic formation. The participants learn how to discern the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives as well as in those of others.

Goal for Formation Programme

Goal for Formation Programme Personal formation and transformation for the sake of formation ministry in religious life and the Church at large

Participation in the Programme

Participation in the Programme Participation in the programme calls for participant’s commitment to collaborative learning process throughout by; Working with their own experiences in creative ways Being sensitive to the complexity of human interactions Reflecting critically on their own behavior and its impact on others Sharing opinions and experiences that enrich formation process with openness and trust.

Formation programme:

Formation programme: The participants to formation programme must have been recommended by their major superiors. The participations are expected to have done form four or a certificate of secondary education and fluent in English, able to follow the teachings and be able to undertake research for class presentation. Other requirements; one should have sound Catholic faith doctrines and ability to deliver them to the formees.

Minimum Academic requirement needed:

Minimum Academic requirement needed: C- and its equivalent from other Countries, plus at least a certificate, diploma or degree in theology, catechesis, spirituality, religious studies and diploma in teaching


Formation programme is a certificate takes nine months. This prepares sisters, priests and brothers to work in the formation houses in their congregations.