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Formation of Formators Course

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The Programme Process:

The process is collaborative and provides opportunities for participants to explore their own experiences of personal growth, formation and process is collaborative and pr

Personal formation

This exploration will be done in the light of insights, lectures, seminars/workshops experience, personal reflection in prayer, one-to-one counseling, Personal spiritual direction, growth groups and community living

Target Result

Toward the end of the course, the participants will design a proposed formation program for a particular stage of formation of their choice. they will be evaluating the existing formation program and will be integrating their own learning into it.

Is Chemchemi formation program for religious Women Only?

NO. Chemchemi ya uzima Formation programs is open to catholic religious men and women from all over the world

The formation is a specialized ministry and requires a
special preparation and training, as well as an
opportunity to develop personal qualities
demanded by the work.

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The course offers students the opportunity to customize their learning experience and achieve wholistic formation

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