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At Chemchemi ya uzima college, student success is our priority. Our campus ensures that all students will have the support and resources they need to thrive in this dynamic learning environment.


Well equipped library with very friendly staff

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In addition to formal coursework, the College of Art and Culture offers numerous opportunities for students to get involved in the larger cultural community. This includes exhibitions, performances, and events that bring together students, faculty, and local artists. Through these experiences, students gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural context of their work and develop important professional connections.
Student Affairs
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Student recreation and wellness is an important aspect of college life that helps students maintain their physical and mental health. At many colleges and universities, there are a variety of programs and activities available to help students stay active, relax, and connect with others.we also offer mental health services to support students’ overall well-being
Student Affairs

Art and Culture

We embrace, culture, diversity and engage in activities that bring us together

Student affairs is a crucial aspect of college life that supports and enhances the student experience. It encompasses a wide range of programs and services designed to help students navigate the complexities of college life and achieve their goals.
Student Affairs
At its core, wholistic formation seeks to help students become the best versions of themselves by fostering their growth in all areas of their lives. This might involve programs and activities designed to help students improve their physical health, such as fitness classes and healthy eating workshops. It might also involve spiritual and emotional support, such as counseling services, retreats, and spiritual formation programs.
Student Affairs

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