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St Anselm Sabbatical Program

The Institute's goal is to empower individuals to take control of their personal lives and acquire the necessary skills and confidence to become successful leaders. It recognizes the challenges leaders and facilitators in spiritual and religious communities face and provides them with the tools to effectively guide and support individuals.

The residential, full-time, and experiential programs offered by the Institute focus on the complete process of growth, with a special emphasis on spiritual and psychological integration. These programs provide participants with the opportunity to learn and practice the unique skills needed to lead communities, parishes, and various groups.

The programs are suitable for those seeking a sabbatical, offering a personalized experience that addresses the individual's specific needs. By completing these foundational programs, leaders and facilitators will have a deeper understanding of human behavior and a solid foundation in the process of spiritual growth, essential to becoming compassionate leaders.

Sabbatical at Chemchemi

All undergraduates attend Chemchemi college College, an intimate learning environment offering instruction in the liberal arts and sciences.

Dates for the program

The Sabbatical program is offered every January to may and August to December

Status of the program

Sabbatical is a residential program offered at our college in Nairobi Kenya. The program is for both female and male religious. We invite all priests, brothers, and reverend sisters to attend the program.

International Experiences

Chemchemi Ya Uzima College takes several steps to ensure its students have access to international experience and diversity by ensuring The college organizes cultural events that showcase the diverse backgrounds of its students, staff and faculty. This provides an opportunity for students to learn about and appreciate different cultures.

Also, the college has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion and offers initiatives, such as workshops and diversity-themed clubs, that provide students with opportunities to engage with and learn from people from different backgrounds.